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Getting here and around

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HuaHin is a popular beach destination among people who live in Bangkok, as it is just about 250 km down the South. Getting to HuaHin by train has been preferred by lots of tourists mainly because HuaHin train station itself is one of the tourist attractions and it is located right in the heart of the town. And taking a train can also be enjoyable and relaxing. However, if you want something a little bit faster, then traveling by bus is a good option. There are actually plenty of buses and coaches heading to HuaHin most of the day. Many of them are air-conditioned. Just check with a local tour operator.

Or convenience and speed are what you want, then you can rent a car. There are also several car rental service companies available in Bangkok. This option is especially ideal if you also want to explore the whole town of Hua Hin by driving. Another option to explore the town is by taking a motorbike taxi. But this is not recommended if you are of nervous disposition.

Auto-rickshaws (Tuk-Tuk) and bicycle taxis are other good options if you don’t want to risk your life on a motorbike taxi. Just make sure that you negotiate the price before using the service. But if you rather save your money, taking the local minibus service is economical. The minibuses go along almost all the main roads.